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Kingsley Ortho pad 1-2-3

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Product description

Kingsley Ortho Pad. For horses with a sunken back, the Kingsley Orthopad is the ideal saddle pad. this Kingsley Pad runs from front to back from a 1-layer, to a 2-layer and finally a 3-layer filling. Because of this special distribution in thickness, the pad fits very well under the saddles of horses with a sunken back. The Kingsley Pads consist of innovative plastic material that has been developed using aerospace techniques. The three-dimensional woven material has performance-enhancing properties, such as a breathable structure, shock absorption, optimum pressure distribution and is lightweight. Breathable structure The Kingsley Pads are made up of some very breathable layers of three-dimensional woven polyester fiber. The ventilation in the open structure means less heat accumulation and fluid retention, which greatly reduces the risk of lesions (abnormal skin tissues). Shock absorption Thousands of mini shock absorbers are created by the three-dimensional weaving technique, which reduces the high peak pressure. To test the Kingsley Pad, numerous pressure measurements have been performed with a pressure measuring mat that can measure peak pressure under the saddle in horses. Worldwide these are the first pressure measurements for showjumping horses during a course. Peak pressures of up to 100 Newton per square centimeter have been established when the horse landed, which was ridden without Kingsley Pad. This pressure corresponds to six times the pressure under an elephant's foot. For horses driven with the Kingsley Pad, peak pressure reductions of up to 50% have been established. As a result, the chance of back complaints is obviously considerably smaller. Optimum pressure distribution Not only the peak pressure collection is important, but constant pressure distribution is also essential. With the Kingsley Pads, the distribution of the pressure as a result of the special weaving technique takes place very evenly (pyramidal). With this technique, fewer places with high pressure occur on the horse's body, and the chance of pressure points decreases. Light weight Kingsley Pads are very light due to the open breathing structure. Moreover, the polyester fiber does not absorb moisture, so that the products remain light in weight while driving. Cleaning Machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius, no fabric softener, do not tumble dry. The Kingsley Pad should not be steamed or sterilized. The pad must also not come into contact with aggressive chemical agents. Experiences of riders The reactions of top riders on the Kingsley Pad are very positive. For example, international top dressage rider Daniëlle Heijkoop, who won a silver team medal at the European Championships in 2013, said: 'I used to ride my horses with a sheep fur under the saddle and was very enthusiastic about this. Now that I have trained several horses with the Kingsley Pad, I notice that I can refine my driving. Because the pad works as a shock absorber and yet is not thick, you have the feeling that your seat aids are much better.

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