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Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic Greenspot

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Product description

COWBOY MAGIC® GREENSPOT® REMOVER is a refreshing shower in a bottle. It is easy to use and specially formulated to:

- Quickly remove manure and urine stains.
- Eliminate wet and dry sweat immediately.
- Give the treated areas a radiant shine after brushing.
- It works immediately: foreign molecules are broken down and manure, urine, dirt and sweat dissolve like snow in the sun.

It also works for people: GREENSPOT® REMOVER 'Shower in a Bottle' is ideal for campers and adventurers. Water is almost unnecessary, except to lightly moisten the towel and to activate the ingredients that break down the sweat and dirt. Then use a dry towel to remove the sweat and dirt.


1. apply the spray to the body
2. massage thoroughly
3. wipe with a damp towel.

WARNING: Only for external use.

VOLUMES: 473 mL / 16 fl oz - 944 mL / 32 fl oz - 3785 mL / Gallon

  • Manure and urine stains disappear quickly
  • Also for people!
  • Refreshing shower in a bottle!

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