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Cavalor Sozen 400GR

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Product description

Many sport horses perform under their abilities because they are stressed and therefore can not concentrate on their work. Stress. nervousness. panic and lack of concentration are consequences of a complex problem. There is still no universal effective way in which horses can be completely calmed. without sedating the horse and at the same time keeping the concentration to a maximum. By gaining more insight into the complexity of the problem, Cavalor has managed to develop the efficient product Cavalor Sozen. This is the first horse supplement that works on the adrenaline-cortisol balance. Cavalor has found that stress is caused by long periods of tension. Stress causes an imbalance in the hormone system because too much adrenaline and too little cortisol is produced. The more the adrenaline cortisol balance is disturbed. the greater the impact of tension at that moment.

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