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Welcome to Ingrid van Berlo


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About the company and shop

Welcome to equestrian Ingrid van Berlo

Equestrian Ingrid van Berlo in 1995, started a tack store from her passion for horses. Meanwhile we have built up a nice assortment of products including Kingsland, Pikeur and Gersemi in a great ratio from price and quality. We would like to invite you into our shop.

We wish you a fun shopping time.

Kind regards,
Ingrid van Berlo

Equestrian Ingrid van Berlo
Lierop, Netherlands.

Special Offers

Pikeur Rijbroek Orchidea
Pikeur Rijbroek Or..

€ 261.60 € 261.57

Pikeur  Breeches Piorella
Pikeur Breeches P..

€ 238.80 € 238.78

Pikeur Breeches Quintess Grip
Pikeur Breeches Qu..

€ 234.50 € 234.48

Pikeur Breeches Jeans Darjeen
Pikeur Breeches Je..

€ 213.95 € 213.93

Pikeur Breeches Kaskaja
Pikeur Breeches Ka..

€ 207.90 € 207.88

Equiline Rijbroek Ash
Equiline Rijbroek ..

€ 222.00 € 203.98